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Marma is the brainchild of Chandana. It is a confluence of devotional, spiritual and philosophical poetry written by poets across the country. They are composed with influences of classical, light classical and folk traditions of India, woven into a contemporary arrangement.  


Initially, Chandana's music trait was nurtured and groomed by her father Dr. S Nataraja Murthy. Later on, she was trained under stalwarts in the Carnatic tradition, (R.K Srikanthan and H.S Sudhindra), Chandana is also an A-grade artist with The All India Radio. She performs her traditional Carnatic repertoire at concerts and festivals across India.

Chandana is among the few Indian artists to re-interpret classic Jazz through Carnatic vocals. Her interpretation of the cover of “Take Five” is trending at 2 million plus views on Facebook. Her improvisation on Donna Lee, My Funny Valentine and the experimentation of “the blues led by the circle of fifths” fetched her appreciation and accolades from all over the world.

Reimagining Jazz

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